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Sri Yantra Yoga

Holistic Yoga & Meditation

Wellness for body/mind/spirit.

A regular yoga practice can lead to a happier, healthier life.  Yoga and meditation can help clear the mind, let go of tension, and connect to a deep state of joy within.  

Our name, ‘Sri Yantra Yoga’ is symbolic of the expansive, universal quality of the Yogic tradition, representing highest union.

Our Classes

Sri Yantra Yoga Studio has closed. Click below to view our online classes on YouTube.


This beautiful chanting & singing comes from the Bhakti Yoga tradition, the yoga of devotion and love. The energy of sacred Sanskrit chanting can uplift your spirit, open your heart, and help deeply connect  to the center of your being.  Patti “Sangita” Spadaro is a professional guitarist/singer/songwriter & a yoga/meditation teacher. She’s released several CDs and has performed nationally.  Long time yogis/kirtan musicians Ven and Veena Kelly have been leading kirtan for over 15 years. Together, this group of musical yogis radiates wonderful good vibes!

To view Patti Spadaro’s Music website, click: 

Visit Patti’s Blog – Yoga and other musings

Sri Yantra Yoga

Serving Western PA and Beyond